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All schools are inspected regularly by Ofsted to ensure a good standard of education is being maintained. Langford Budville School was inspected in March 2018 under an Ofsted framework which has become even more stringent since our previous ‘Good’ inspection in January 2014. The school has since experienced a number of significant staffing changes, and taken a new direction in the way the curriculum is delivered.

We were delighted that following our recent inspection the 2018 Ofsted report states that ‘This school continues to be good.’


Key quotations from the March 2018 report


The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.


All adults ‘have high expectations of pupils and staff’.


Staff morale is high and there is a shared determination to ensure that pupils achieve well and that the school continues to improve.


Parents and carers express their confidence in the school and value the positive and helpful response they receive if they have a query or concern.


Parents appreciate the school’s recognition of each child’s uniqueness and the help each pupil receives to achieve their best.


Pupils recognise and value the support they receive from staff to help them achieve well.


Pupils said that ‘lessons are fun, and that teachers and support staff help them to improve.’


Teachers choose resources that engage and motivate pupils of different ages and abilities and that hook them into their learning.


The SENCo is ‘skilled and knowledgeable.’


The full 2018 Ofsted report is available via the link above.

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