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At Langford Budville we have an experienced SENCO, Ms Moira Brown, who leads this area within the school and who works with us for 2 days each week. Langford Budville has a higher than average percentage of children with SEN, currently about 22% in total, and we have the same high expectations for their progress as for all of our children. The SEN children’s needs are managed primarily through ensuring the class provides an inclusive environment for all pupils.  However, where necessary, a carefully constructed individual programme will maximize the opportunities for them to achieve the best possible outcomes in relation to their progress and learning in all areas.

Ms Brown is well supported by an experienced team of Learning Support Assistants who have a range of qualifications and skills to enable them to work with academic, social, emotional and medical needs as appropriate. The teaching staff are all experienced at managing individual needs within our multi cohort classes, and plan work for all children effectively to ensure good progress is made.

Should your child have any form of SEN we will ensure good provision is made to allow them to develop socially, emotionally and academically to the best of their abilities.


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